Shaun Khoo

Behavioural neuroscientist, writer and publisher.

Addiction neuroscience and more

I investigate different neuronal signalling pathways and circuits in animal models of appetitive motivation and addiction. I have targeted neuropeptide and small molecule neurotransmitters in operant and Pavlovian designs. My current FRQS-funded project is on chemogenetic manipulation of corticostriatal circuits in a rat model of motivation for cocaine. I am also interested in improvements to laboratory animal welfare and open access publishing, particularly with respect to author behaviour.


Skills and Achievements

Experimental Design

Selecting vehicle solutions, avoiding confounds and appropriate statistical power.

Data Analysis

From t-tests and ANOVAs to multi-level modelling, I am proficient in a wide variety of analyses for behaviour.


My papers are well-cited and attracted commentary articles and wide media coverage.


I publish scientific articles and book chapters as well as magazine and blog articles for a more general audience.


An expert in Med-State Notation, I provide programming support from conception through to analysis.

Professional Citizenship

I regularly review journal manuscripts, mentor students and founded a free open access publisher.

Work With Me

My broad skillset combines deep technical expertise with organisational and interpersonal skills, giving me the versatility to manage all project stages.

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