Running experiments. Launching programmes. Writing programs. Current projects and past experiences.

Cortico-Striatal Circuits

Ongoing: I study the role of cortico-striatal circuits in motivation for cocaine.

Behavioural Programming

Ongoing: An expert in MedState Notation, I provide programming support for my colleagues and collaborators. I also maintain GEToperant, a free python tool for exporting Med-PC data to Excel.

Episteme Health Inc.

Ongoing: I am the founding President of Episteme Health Inc., which is an association dedicated to providing free open access publishing for medical researchers.

Peer Mentoring

2014-2016: Organised the recruitment, training and support of undergraduate mentors in the School of Psychology at UNSW. In 2015, we developed and launched a mentoring program for Honours students.

Orexins and Appetitive Motivation

2011-2017: During my Honours at the Florey and PhD at UNSW, I studied the role of the orexin neuropeptide system in appetitive motivation for food and drugs.