Behavioural Programming

Programming support for behaviour from start to finish.

A MedState Notation Expert

I have been programming MedState Notation since 2014, when I began writing operant programs in the McNally lab. MedState Notation is a Med-PC specific implementation of Pascal used in the widespread Med Associates modular test chambers. Since 2014, I have written programs for both operant and Pavlovian designs.

I write programs that:

  • Are flexible and user-modifiable for a range of conditions such as user-defined session lengths or ratio schedules
  • Provide comprehensive data output (i.e. all time-stamped responses, binned data, event and timing data)
  • Can involve synchronisation or interaction between boxes such as simultaneous cue delivery
  • Can perform basic counterbalancing, randomisation and other control procedures automatically
  • Compute key variables and results before program completing, minimising necessary data manipulation during analysis

All of my programs are free and open source software available under an MIT license, which provides unlimited reuse rights provided appropriate acknowledgement is provided. To view a portfolio of my programs, visit my Github page.

GEToperant Data Extraction Utility

I maintain a small program to extract data from Med-PC files and save them to Excel. GEToperant allows you to extract Med-PC files. It also provides more powerful options than the proprietary MPC2XL because batches of data can be exported to individual worksheets or to separate Excel files.

Help, Advice and Collaboration

I have also run short courses on learning MSN, provided advice to first-time programmers and formed collaborations of the basis of my programming expertise. If you need help with Med-PC, please feel free to get in touch.