Episteme Health Inc.

Free open access publishing by neuroscientists.


Founding President of Episteme Health Inc. (2019-present) and Editor-in-Chief of its journal, Neuroanatomy and Behaviour.

Responsibilities and Achievements

I launched Episteme Health Inc. with a group of friends and colleagues to address the lack of a quality fee-free open access journal for behavioural neuroscience. As President I am responsible for:

  • The organisation’s IT infrastructure, which involves an Australian server that hosts static content, Open Journal Systems and Mattermost team communications
  • Managing the journal’s content and metadata registration including DOI deposition and Australian legal deposit requirements
  • Organising editorial policy to ensure there are high content standards and documenting workflows
  • Recruiting editorial board members and soliciting editorial and research content
  • Together with Episteme Health Inc.’s Committee of Management, ensuring the association meets its regulatory requirements

Since incorporating the association in 2019 we have successfully:

  • Published our first articles typeset in PDF (via LaTeX) and XML
  • Registered with Crossref, deposited our first DOIs complete with funder and citation data and obtained Similarity Check credentials
  • Registered for an ISSN with the National Library of Australia
  • Held the association’s first AGM

Episteme Health Inc.

To learn more about the association, visit Episteme Health Inc. or submit your next paper to Neuroanatomy and Behaviour and enjoy peer review without the financial conflicts.