Reviews and Other Reports

Scientific review articles, book chapters and more.

In addition to my empirical research, I have also published several reviews and other articles in scientific journals and books. If you cannot access any particular article, please contact me.

Journal Articles

Scientific Review Articles

Samaha, A.-N., Khoo, S. Y.-S., Ferrario, C., & Robinson, T. E. (2021). Dopamine ‘ups and downs’ in addiction revisited. Trends in Neurosciences. Crossref open accessPsyArXiv

Lay, B. P. P., & Khoo, S. Y.-S. (2021). Associative processes in addiction relapse models: A review of their pavlovian and instrumental mechanisms, history, and terminology. Neuroanatomy and Behaviour, 3, e18. open accessCrossref Institutional Repository

Khoo, S.Y.-S. (2020). Have we reproduced Rat Park? Conceptual but not direct replication of the protective effects of social and environmental enrichment in addiction. Journal for Reproducibility in Neuroscience, 1. open accessCrossref Institutional Repository

Khoo, S.Y.-S., Gibson, G.D., Prasad, A.A., & McNally G.P. (2016). How contexts promote and prevent relapse to drug seeking. Genes, Brain and Behavior, 16, 185-204. open accessCrossref Institutional Repository

Khoo, S. Y.-S., & Brown, R.M. (2014). Orexin/Hypocretin based pharmacotherapies for the treatment of addiction: DORA or SORA? CNS Drugs, 28, 713-730. Crossref open accessInstitutional Repository

Practice Report

Khoo, S. Y.-S., Zhao, J. L., Walker, A. R., Kirkman, J. J. L., Spehar, B. (2019). Transitions and choices: Graduate student mentoring for Psychology Honours students. Student Success, 10(1), 147-154. open accessCrossref Institutional Repository

Commentary, Editorial and Other

Khoo, S. Y.-S. (2019). Neuroscience publishing is too important to leave to publishers. Neuroanatomy and Behaviour, 1, ed1. open accessCrossref Institutional Repository

Khoo, S. Y.-S. (2018). Justifiability and animal research in health: Can democratisation help resolve difficulties? Animals, 8, 28. open accessCrossref Institutional Repository

Castino, M. R., & Khoo, S. Y.-S. (2015). Multiple properties of drug-paired cues may precipitate reinstatement. The Journal of Neuroscience, 35, 12971-12973. open accessCrossref Institutional Repository

Book Chapter

Khoo, S. Y.-S., McNally, G. P., & Clemens, K. J. (2019). The orexin system and nicotine addiction: preclinical insights. In V. R. Preedy (Ed.), The Neuroscience of Nicotine: Mechanisms and Treatment (pp. 509-517). San Diego: Academic Press. Crossref open accessInstitutional Repository


Orexins and appetitive motivation in the rat. PhD Thesis. open accessInstitutional Repository