Professional Citizenship

Being a scientist is about more than just doing experiments.

I regularly review journal manuscripts, am a reviewing editor at two journals, mentor students towards co-authorship and founded a free open access publisher.

Peer Review Experience

I accept the majority of peer review invitations and always return my reviews on time. Although I have previously argued that evidence does not support the efficacy of peer review training, I have completed peer review training programs such as the Publons Academy.

I have reviewed papers for a variety of journals, such as PLOS ONE, Neuropharmacology and Neurobiology of Learning and Memory. I try to provide comments that are critical but respectful and do not engage in coercive self-citation.

To see an indication of the number of peer reviews I have performed, see my Publons profile.

Editorial Board Membership

I have agreed to editorial responsibilities with the following journals:


During my time as a postdoctoral fellow I have acted as a mentor for several undergraduate students and volunteers. While I have reservations about how effective undergraduate research experiences are for both the students and for the productivity of host labs, I try to provide my mentees with professional benefits regardless of their goals.

Undergraduate students I have supervised are co-authors with me in the following publications:

Khoo, S. Y.-S., LeCocq, M. R., Deyab, G., & Chaudhri, N. (2019). Context and topography determine the role of basolateral amygdala metabotropic glutamate receptor 5 in appetitive Pavlovian responding. Neuropsychopharmacology.

Khoo, S. Y.-S., Correia, V., & Uhrig, A. (2019). Nesting material enrichment reduces severity of overgrooming-related self-injury in individually housed rats. Submitted, under review.