Code from conception to conclusion.

An expert in Med-State Notation, I provide programming support from conception through to analysis. I also do basic web development for my personal website and Episteme Health Inc.

Programming for Behaviour

Behavioural Programming is one of my ongoing projects. I am an expert in MedState Notation and able to program Med-PC modular test chambers to perform a wide variety of behavioural tests, including operant, Pavlovian and more.

I also used Python to develop a free alternative to MPC2XL. GEToperant is available under an MIT license from Github.

My programming expertise ensures that my colleagues and collaborators have the programs and tools that are needed to run and analyse their experiments.

Web Development

Through my work with Episteme Health Inc. I currently:

  • Administer a linux web server running Open Journal Systems
  • Develop static websites using Hugo
  • Deploy static websites using Git